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History of icons

Veneration of holy images in Georgia goes back to apostolic times and is closely linked to St. Andrew. The canonic art of icon painting, deriving from the Holy Scripture, can be tracked back into the decrees of ecclesiastical councils and works by the church fathers.

The tradition of creating of holy images goes back to the earthly life of the Savior and i linked to the miraculously created image of Christ - Holy Face.

The earliest surviving icon in Georgia is a 6th-7th century icon from Ancha, or Anchiskhati. This centuries old relic, which is and embodiment of the Christian dogma of Incarnation belongs to the Syrian artistic circle and is associated with Syrian fathers, who came to Georgia in the 6th century.

During the 9th and 10th centuries it could be retraced increasing popularity of icon veneration.

Beginning from the 11th century onwards, icon painting as well as other forms of Georgian art, fell under Byzantian influence. Yet, the pro-Byyzantine orientation of the church art did not involve exact repetition of its visual formulae and stylistic features.

Largest number of icons survived form the 13th century.

Icon painting of the 17th-18th centuries represents a heterogeneous picture as they represent various schools but lack the artistic perfection and spirituality which distinguished works created in the earlier period.


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